Beginner Driver Education (BDE)

Journeys Driving Academy is a Ministry-Approved BDE Provider

1.  BDE Full Package

       (20 Hours In-Classroom + 10 Hours Home-Link + 10 Hours In-Car)

       A) Full Payment of $599.99 + HST = $677.99 ($0 per In-Car Lesson)

       B) Deposit of $377.99 + $30 per In-Car Lesson (10-Hours)

       C) Deposit of $477.99 + $20 per In-Car Lesson (10-Hours)

       D) Extended Travel Package Applies for those living between 25-40 km’s from Sarnia


2.  BDE Full Package PLUS

       (20 Hours In-Classroom + 10 Hours Home-Link + 10 Hours In-Car + 1 Prep-Lesson & Car Rental on the day of Road Test)

       A) Full Payment of $641.58 + HST = $724.99

       B) Add $47 to each of the above payment options


3.  BDE Full Package Deal for Repeat Families (Siblings of Former Students).  Parents Rewarded!

       A) Sibling receive a Free One-Hour Road Test Prep Lesson and Car Rental on the day of Road Test


       B) Sibling saves $65 off the cost of the BDE Full Package fee



Private Lessons

One-on-One Individual Private Lessons with a Qualified Driving Instructor


1.  Individual Private Lessons – 1-Hour In-Car Instruction Sessions

       (G1 Licence, G2 Licence, Seniors, Anyone!)

       A) $29.99 + HST = $33.89

       B) Refer a Friend for a Private Lesson and receive $5 off your next Lesson


2.  10-Pack of Individual Private Lessons

       A) Full Payment of $269.99 + HST = $304.99 (Equivalent of 1 Free Lesson)

       B) Extended Travel Package Applies for those living between 25-40 km’s from Sarnia


3.  1-Hour Prep Lesson + Car Rental on day of Road Test

       A) $59.99 + HST = $67.79


Extended Travel Package

$49.99 + HST = $56.49 One-Time Additional Fee

Journeys Driving Academy offers an Extended Travel Package for those who live between 25 and 40 kilometres from Journeys Driving Academy.  This package includes home pick-up and delivery and would provide the student their 10-hours of lessons in Five (5) 2-hour sessions.

In addition to Sarnia, communities located inside 25 kilometres include: Point Edward, Corunna, Mooretown, Courtright, Camlachie, Wyoming, Petrolia, and Brigden.

Communities located between 25-40 kilometres, and are subject to the Extended Travel Package, include: Blue Point, Forest, Warwick, Watford, Oil Springs, Sombra, and Port Lambton.